TB is a preventable and curable disease, which unfortunately still kill million and millions of people around the world action has been taken , speeches has been louder, conferences and forums has been held like the current on (3d forum STOP TB PARTNERSHIP ) which I strongly appreciate and encourage discussion has been held at all level but we seem to turn around the same point WHY?
Because the approach that I encourage is the simplistic and realistic approach to be adopted by all stakeholders in the fight against TB and we will certainly achieve the goal of stopping TB   and keep the world free of TB by 2050.
Articulate in few point points it’s a PERSON CENTRED APPROACH:
 If we don’t get a buy in from the patient and community(man) we will fail
1. Early detection of the disease is the key to  a successful treatment outcome and this involve the family, the community who must be trained and made aware of the early symptoms of the disease  for an early and prompt referral to the nearest hospital facility without a referral the nurse waiting  at the clinic will wait until the disease is advance to be treat and the spread of the disease will be so vast that it will be difficult to control use the BURKINA FASO  example with a strong community involvement in the referral system and the destigmtisation of the disease everyone care about everyone without stigma and judgement. Involve the other strong and until now neglected in the fight against TB the traditional healer in the channel of referral system. 
2. Proper and same standard diagnostics tools with well trained laboratory technician (Person)  to unable the early detection at the centre of reference, why same standard ? I acknowledge much effort has been put in place by the FIND to equipped developing country with innovative diagnostics tools that still not enough and that the aim of our fight is to get those tools accessible to the remote area of our villages in Africa in Asia and else where, as long as this tools are only accessible to the big city and the remote area are note benefiting we are heading to a failure. I am advocating for the accessibility by the person through training and reduce the distance between the lab and the people.
3. Access to available treatment is a real problem and that is also a person centred problem , I worked in remote rural area as doctor other colleagues who have worked in remote area will agree with me that the very remote area are victim of the break in the channel of medicine supply and several interruption and delay in the delivery of medication leaving the doctors and nurses helpless while waiting for the next package to reach the village  in two to three weeks  as we all  know this will lead to development of resistance strains  is good to always incriminate the patient as a defaulter but in this cases despite the willingness of the  patient to take treatment the NTP has fail the patient .
4. Reinforce an other person centred method the DOT strategy by strong community involvement (FBO,NGO,…
4. Poverty and high unemployment rate is certainly an cause of the failure of the system , poor adherence to the treatment is result from the fact the patient is poor enough that he can not secure a proper meal in order to take medication , this lead to a high default rate  impacting to  a treatment outcome and lead to the development of more resistance strain, attending realistically to simplistically to this matter will lead to a better treatment outcome.
5.Patient support throughout the course of the regimen with the active involvement of the community will be helpful.
6. Infection control through simple means such as cough or respiratory hygiene ,open widow, personal protection… should be encouraged instead of spending millions on sophisticated UV light which will reach only small community in big cities.
They all other point that I would like to raise about the simplistic and realistic approach in the fight against TB, all part of an operational research study to be publish soon with data and experiences on the ground.