I really wish that I could go to the Stop TB Partnership Forum in Rio. Unfortunately I need to have a vaccine for yellow fever, however it is a live vaccine. I am HIV-positive and my CD4 count is very low and I have been advised by my doctor against having it. Hey ho! But it doesn’t stop me from participating in ways, for example in this blog.
I have worked in the field of TB since 1995. I was inspired to get involved because of my own experience of MDR-TB, and on learning that multidrug-resistance is a man-made problem. It makes sense to me that the solution must therefore be man-made also. I wan’t to play my part in being part of the solution.
I wonder sometimes what motivates other people, especially the TB/MDR-TB affected community to get involved. It isn’t the money that is for sure, LOL! For me the motivation is my anger. How can we have gotten to this place? The crisis the world faces on TB is shocking and unacceptable.  I want to channel my anger into something constructive. I know for some others motivation springs from a  sense of injustice about inadequate access to treatment in their own countries, for some it may even be a religious, or spiritual calling? I am interested to know what other instincts or reasons inspire and motivate others to get involved in the battle against TB.